The panel design of the capacitance knobs can be redesigned by using the following MS-PowerPoint template (print to scale): PPT-link

The template provide for the design of scales that look as follows:

Scale template

In practice this template may be used to give a lighted scale as shown here (in this case using LED's in E10 fittings, see discussion below):


The background lighting can be arranged as intended and described in the Philips EE manuals, but the Philips kits contain classical lamp bulbs in E10 fitting which consume a lot of power. Luckily, there is source of LED-based bulbs in E10-compatible fittings (they look as a classical bulb, with a classical  LED mounted inside), and I have used them as shown in the picture above. I can really recommend their use as their power consumption is only a fraction of the original lamps, and they emit a very natural-yellowish warm light color that resembles their original counterpart very well. The LED's can be used without a resistor up to 4.5V, for 9V use (like in all E1000/2000 circuits) a series resistor of at least 470 Ohms should be used, and in practice 1k appears more than sufficient (with a resulting current consumption less than 2mA). More info on my experiments with them can be found here: link