I always wanted to try to get to fit the EE2010/13 FM-receiver with touch controls on a single (14x12) breadboard. And I managed as well:




This receiver has both its volume control (potmeter right) as well as the regeneration level (potmeter left) on the board itself, the only external components are the battery connection (with on-off switch) and the loudspeaker. The receiver is tuned (+) (-) by pressing the switches, in idle mode it stays at the selected frequency. This receiver is remarkably sensitive, no antenna is needed.

The way to enable this very compact style is to use the fact that the contacts on the yellow LM3900 print are placed somewhat higher than the board spring holding the components. As a consequence it is possible to build at two height levels close to the print, as shown here:




This design follows the electrical design of the EE2010/13 version for audio part, but de FM part is a different version based on Eddy Insam's design, see: https://rigert.com/ee-forum/viewtopic.php?t=502 . This version allows explicit regeneration control of the superreg section, which the EE2010/13 does not have and is combined with the volume control in the EE1003/2003 FM-receiver ... . 

Here is the electrical circuit:


The layout files are available here:

  • XFig/WinFig design file: Link
  • PDF File: Link