For a while I have been considering a start-up on system architecting services for small businesses ("MKB"). Although this currently has been limited to an exploration only (due to several reasons, therefore I call it a "proto-startup") the activity has been rewarding in giving focus on my thoughts on system architecting in practice. Below is the advertising text on what this enterprise would promise.


Why are we here, and who do we focus on?

We love innovative systems- and machine design, and we think that small enterprises truly can take the innovation lead here for reaching a competitive advantage!

We believe that we always should design a system/machine that we like and appreciate because it has qualities we appreciate in ourselves and we can discuss about in those familiar human terms. As a result, your customer will intuitively recognize its promise and value as well, giving you exactly the competitive advantage from the first point of contact as well as a sound base for future business. We believe that the right direction for innovation always embodies a significant human aspect.

How do we make innovation for you happen?

By taking these desired qualities as the basis of the system design from the start! The basis for this is our Resilient Architecture approach, which allows you and us to systematically reason about these systems in intuitively meaningful ways. The approach relates the desirable qualities and behavior that we want the system to have to useful design concepts and a choice of technology options for implementing them, always in a clear, positive and meaningful way. The approach deals systematically with balancing desires, requirements and boundary conditions in such a way that your system becomes both desirable and truly resilient in operation. Emerging or even future technologies can be directly discussed, evaluated and rated in the Resilient Architecture approach.

For small businesses there is a specific advantage, since the Resilient Architecture approach specifically addresses the human role in the design process. Many small enterprises are in practice hampered in monetizing on their innovation potential by the fact that their organization does not have the right organizational structure. In practice this often boils down to the fact that the many necessary roles of people in the process are not made explicit (does your organization have a formal architect role, for example?). Our approach addresses the roles that all stakeholders can optimally take in this creative process right from the start.

So, with what can and will we help you?

As a start-up were are getting ready for launch, and from that point on we will support you with:

- Advice on system design from the start, with the Resilient Architecture principles in mind, giving clarity on desired system qualities from the beginning of the design process.

- Providing for technological options choices that are both fundamental to the product's  long-term ROI success but at the same time are cost-effective from the start.

- Supporting reference sources for use in your architecting and design process

At launch time we want to be ready to get in contact with you. Therefore, if you are truly interested feel free to leave here your motivation of interest and your contact info (email address) and we will get in touch with you! The menu at the right will guide you further in contacting us.

What is the human fabric behind Resilient Architectures?

Meet our founder and get to know his background: Jurjen Kranenborg. In the menu located at the right or below there is a link to his detailed CV.

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