Jurjen Kranenborg

Dr.ir. Jurjen Kranenborg
Born: 21-05-1967

Current affiliation: ABB Power Products / Transformers (PPTR), Bad Honnef, Germany
Principal Scientist & Power Transformer Global Architecture Team member (Thermal Domain responsible)


1987 - 1991 : M.Sc. Applied Mathematics, Twente University (Prof. P.J. Zandbergen & Dr. B.H. Gilding)
1991 - 1996 : Ph.D Physics & Astronomy, Utrecht University (Prof. W.P.M De Ruijter & Prof. H.A. Dijkstra)


English (fluent)
German (working professional, actively upgrading to fluent)
Swedish (fluent)
Dutch (fluent, native)

Labour history

1996 - 1998 : PostDoc VU (Free University of Amsterdam), Faculty of Earth Sciences, Marine and Sedimentary Geology
1998 - 2000 : Advisor / Researcher at Delft Hydraulics, section Marine and Estuarine Systems
2000 - 2005 : Researcher, Philips Research The Netherlands (Nat.Lab.), Software Architectures Group
2005 - 2008 : Research Scientist, ABB Corporate Research Västerås - Sweden
2008 - 2010 : Senior Scientist, ABB Corporate Research Västerås - Sweden
2010 - 2013 : Principal Scientist & Power Transformer Global Architecture Team member, ABB Corporate Research Västerås & ABB Power Products / Transformers (PPTR) - Sweden
2013 - 2014 : Team Leader PPTR Technology Centre @ Corporate Research ABB Power Products / Transformers - Sweden
2014 - now : Principal Scientist & Power Transformer Global Architecture Team member, ABB Power products / Transformers Bad Honnef - Germany

Experience areas

Global R&D, Strategy & Roadmap development, Technology Transfer, Transformer design, Design optimization, Design Reviews, Computational Physics (CFD & Thermo-hydrodynamic network models), Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Technology Management, Reduced-Order modeling, Standardization, Standards Development, Customer Support (external & internal), Project Assessment (>10, Gate Model), Software Engineering, Special Education, Student Counseling, Electronics Hardware Design, Digital Electronics, Microcontrollers & Sensor Applications


2007 : Patent WO-2007069207 (together with W. van der Linden, W. Baks, M. Bodlaender)
2013 : Patent Filing (SE-1318901) (together with T. Laneryd, R. Bel Fdhila, A. Gustafsson)


2008 - 2013 : Representing ABB in CIGRE Working Group A2.38 (Transformer Thermal Modeling)
2012 - now : Reviewer, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems / Power Delivery

Refereed publications

First author (Kranenborg et al.):

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CFD study of non-guided laminar mixed convection of a high Prandtl number fluid in a transformer winding-like geometry, International Heat Transfer Conference, IHTC 15, Japan, 2014

Hot Spot Determination in Transformer Windings through CFD Analysis, CIGRE WorkSpot VII Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2014


2013 : Mattia Montanari (CRNS Nantes, France): Multi-physics CFD-based Reduced-Order Modeling Approaches Using Commercial Codes
2012 : Yuhe Jiao (KTH Stockholm): CFD Study on the Thermal Performance of Transformer Disc Windings Without Oil Guides
2011 : Maria Hjalmars (KTH Stockholm): Optimization Study on Oil Flow and Temperature Distribution in Power Transformer Windings Using Global Optimization Methods


Microcontroller network concept : Proprietary network architecture combining power delivery and intelligent (battery-less) node communications using non-polarized two-wire connections (link)
Technology & School : Introduction of modern electronics (microcontrollers) in primary schools

Contact: jurjen CURLY_A kranenborg PUNKT org